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Let's start off with what's most important.

Does the saw system have a good warranty? What do owners say about the power tools and post-sales service? Does the brand have a superlative reputation for manufacturing quality power tools? Does the company have a repair and service center with quick turnaround in the unlikely event that there is a problem?

In all of these instances, you can buy with the confidence of knowing that Festool will exceed your expectations with regard to durability, product quality, warranty repairs and post-sales customer service. Since 1925, Festool has built a reputation of exemplary service and customer satisfaction to support this claim. Tools that are designed and manufactured in Germany at our own manufacturing facilities. We take pride in having the best repair center in the industry where more than 98% of tools are services and returned to the customer in under 48 hours.

Buy with the confidence of a 30-day money back guarantee if any of our power tools don't exceed your expectations.

The New Carvex 420.

New Carvex Jigsaw video

Carvex jigsaw base system

We've covered all the bases.

The new Festool Carvex 420 jigsaws have six different application-specific swappable bases and base plates. One of the most noteable is the angle base. The dual beveling angle base allows you to make inside or outside angle cuts which increased precision and stability.

Check out a video demonstrating all of the capabilities and features of the Carvex 420 jigsaws, including the tool-free base system.

Base System.

The new Festool Carvex 420 jigsaws utilize a tool-free base changing system that allows you to choose a base that matches your application.

The angle base has two beveling feet that provide greater stability and accuracy when making inside or outside angle cuts. A steel base plate is available for metal-cutting applications. A guide rail adapter base gives you the ability to use Festool guide rails for straight, accurate cuts and also serves as the base for attaching the circle and radius cutting accessory. Use the hook-and-loop base plate with replaceable felts to prevent scratches on delicate materials. A dimpled base plate is available for uneven surfaces and is low-friction. The hard fiber base plate has an ultra-smooth surface with low friction.

For your best value, consider the Carvex Accessory Kit, which contains all of these bases as well as other accessories in a Systainer for organization.

Cut Line Visibility.

The new Carvex 420 jigsaws were designed to ensure high visibility of the blade and cut line. After all, your cut is only as good as your ability to see what you're cutting, right?

We started with four high-intensity LED lights that are stroboscopic, meaning that they pulse in unison with the blade. That strobe effect makes the blade appear to stand still as you cut making it easier to stay on course. The LEDs provide great visibility even in low-light conditions. The LEDs can be configured in three modes: always on, always off or stroboscopic.

The adjustable dust guard can be slid up or down to maximize visibility while ensuring effective dust collection.

Speaking of dust collection, Festool's reputation for great dust extraction means you won't have sawdust covering your cut line.

Splinter-Free Cuts.

When working with expensive materials like cabinet grade veneered plywood or MDF, it is important to have cuts that leave splinter-free edges to eliminate re-work or to minimize the amount of time spent cleaning up the cut.

Festool Trion and Carvex jigsaws have an innovative replaceable splinterguard that acts as a zero clearance for the blade. The splinterguard prevents tearing and chipping, leaving you with crisp, clean cuts. Splinterguards are made from clear plastic, so your cut line is unobstructed. The splinterguard simply slides into the base of the jigsaw without the need for tools or adjustments.

Festool's MMC electronics and a variable speed setting will ensure that a consistent and appropriate blade speed is used for the material being cut. MMC also protects the jigsaw from overheating and overload scenarios.

Cordless jigsaw

Cut the cord: a cordless jigsaw with a brushless motor.

Festool's new Carvex 420 will be available as a cordless jigsaw with your choice of two handle styles. The cordless Carvex 420 will incorporate brushless motor technology which translates in to longer battery life and run times.

As an added bonus, you also enjoy lighter tool weight and extended service life.

Perpendicular Cuts.

You've probably experienced less-than-square cuts with a jigsaw before. Well, that's a thing of the past with Festool Trion and Carvex jigsaws.

Festool's triple blade guidance system ensures that the blade stays perfectly perpendicular, even when cutting materials up to 4-3/4" in thickness. The guidance system prevents blade deflection and results in cleaner cut quality.

Jigsaw blade deflection

Brushless Motors.

Continuing its legacy as an innovator and leader in the industry, Festool has yet another achievement: the world's first jigsaw with a brushless motor. All models of the Carvex 420 jigsaws use brushless motor technology.

The advantages of a brushless motor are that your cordless jigsaw will have a longer battery life while out performing a brushed motor through greater efficiency. That extended battery life means you spend less time waiting for batteries to charge and more time getting the job done.

Brushless motors are more compact and lighter weight, which improve ergonomics so you can work more comfortably.

Brushless motors also have a longer service life translating in a tool that can last a lifetime.