Trion jigsawsPower. Precision. The Trion 300.Learn what makes Festool jigsaws better.
Making radius cuts with a jigsaw Crisp, clean cuts. Every single time. Start making beautiful, splinter-free cuts.

More than you thought was possible.

Most jigsaws have a hard time staying on course. Hard material and curves can easily cause the blade to deflect, resulting in time consuming re-cutting or sanding. Trion Jigsaws are designed with adjustable carbide-tipped jaws that work with the blade clamping system. They also feature a back-up bearing for triple blade guidance that keeps the blade perpendicular to the shoe at all times, even on curves. The barrel-grip PS 300 is designed to fit your hand with a low center of gravity.

The secret to splinter-free cuts is full material support at the cutting point. Trion Jigsaw Splinterguards are designed to be cut by the blade for perfect zero-clearance between the blade and the Splinterguard. The resulting cut is clean through the entire piece with little to no finishing required. The D-handle PSB 300 features a fingertip trigger and smaller profile grip. The PSB 300 has all the qualities of the PS 300, with the addition of a comfortable D-handle for easy one-handed use.

Weir Masterworks Video.

Weir Masterworks Video

Jigsaw cutting walnut

Exceptional cuts. Exceptional value.

The Trion 300 series jigsaws offer brilliant, crisp cuts in virtually any material. When using the jigsaw with our zero-clearance splinterguard, there is no tear-out or chipping in even the most delicate veneers and melamine. The clear splinterguard is designed to maintain visibility of the cut line, resulting in perfect cuts every time.

Carbide Guidance System.

Carbide Guidance System

The carbide guidance system rigidly supports the blade at exactly the pre-set angle, reducing blade wander in tight radius cuts; eliminating cutting errors, spoiled workpieces, or need for rework.



Solid one-piece splinterguards mount in the foot of the tool for zero-clearance, resulting in ultra-clean cuts with no splinters or tear out.

FastFix Blade Changes.

FastFix Blade Changes

Allows for quick, tool-free blade changes. FastFix lever angles and opens the chuck for easy blade removal.

Dual Bevel Base.

Dual Bevel Base

45° dual bevel for angled cuts and a zero degree detent for perpendicular cuts.

Variable Stroke.

Variable Stroke

Four unique stroke settings vary from straight plunge action for smooth cuts to aggressive orbital action for rapid cuts.

MMC Electronics.

MMC electronics

MMC electronics ensure a consistent speed under load, improving cut performance and protecting the saw's motor from thermal and current overload. Variable speed allows you to match the blade's speed to the material, reducing burning.

Non-marring Base.

Non-marring Base

The non-marring, plastic sub-base allows you to work on finished material without concern for damage or marking.

Dust Extraction.

Dust Extraction

Enjoy the benefits of a cleaner, healthier workspace for you and your clients when using your jigsaw with a Festool HEPA Dust Extractor.

Jigsaw angle cuts

Innovative features abound.

The Trion 300 offers some of the same advanced features found on the new Carvex 420 jigsaws. The FastFix blade change system allows you to swap blades in seconds with the flip of a lever and uses any universal T-shank blade. The triple guidance carbide jaws prevent blade deflection, giving you perfectly perpendicular cuts even in thick lumber. The splinterguard system prevents chipping and leaves you with crisp cut lines that hit the mark.

Trion 300 Jigsaw Specifications.

Jigsaw Model Trion 300 Series
Corded Barrel Grip 561 443
Corded D-Handle 561 455
Cordless Barrel Grip N/A
Cordless D-Handle N/A
Blade Type Universal T-Shank
Motor Type AC Universal
Power Consumption 720 Watts
Stroke Length 1"
Stroke Speed 1,000 - 2,900 spm
Bevel Adjustment +/- 45°
Cutting Depth, Wood 4-3/4"
Cutting Depth, Non-Ferrous Metals 3/4"
Cutting Depth, Steel 3/8"
Jigsaw Blades for Wood (2) Included
Chip Guard Included
Splinterguard Included
Systainer, Corded Models SYS 1 T-LOC