Conquering the toughest projects with the Festool Carvex Jigsaw.

By Josh Weir of J Weir Masterworks

For me, that's when everything changed, when I started wanting this hands on approach. I can sit down with the client with no filters and no interruptions. It's a much more organic process. I stopped designing a whole project and I started to design one element at a time and allowing it to grow as a process. That changed everything for me on how a project should get built. It brought the overall affordability of a project to the client at a place that was palatable. We see what we're doing as furniture-quality in the field.

You can see some of the design that we're doing for this project. Each sheet has two different radii. These sheets of material cost over $500 each. They had a lead time of three months, they came out of Spain, and we spent $35,000 buying these materials. You can't mess these things up. It's going to take us two months to build this hundred foot wall. The jigsaw is the only tool that will work for this application.

To build the best quality designs, you have to have the best quality tools, hands down. It's really hard to build stuff at this level without Festool. There are a couple of features that, for me, cause the Carvex 420 jigsaw to stand out even moreso than the previous model did. This model has a nice chip guard that comes down. That shield is awesome. It's protective, you don't get splinters flying out, it's safer to use. It also has the interchangeable base system that just works quicker. The system is a better, faster system. One added features about it that's really impressive is that you can run it on your Festool track. Again you have that system capability.

In the video, you'll see a trellis that I built using 40-thousands thick copper. We had to rip those sheets of copper and we used the Festool Carvex so that we could do that. You enjoy doing a good job that much more. You're not fighting your tools all day. You're excited to go and grab your tool because you know how it's going to perform.

Watch the Weir Masterworks video.

Not just a nice jigsaw, a great system.

By Rick Bush, Festool USA Product Manager

Watch this short video as Rick Bush, Product Manager for Festool USA, reviews some of the groundbreaking, revolutionary new Carvex 420 jigsaws. The Carvex takes all of the great capabilities of our previous model of jigsaws, the Trion 300 series, and kicks it up a notch. Brushless motor technology, high-intensity stroboscopic LEDs for better blade visibility, improved blade guidance system, and the multi-base platform are just a few ways the Carve is the most advanced jigsaw on the market.

The Carvex jigsaw is the world's first multi-base platform. It offers a wide range of options, such as a center-bevel angle base, expandable circle cutter, and even a sub-base insert system for multiple materials.

The Carvex series of jigsaws will be joining our existing models of jigsaws and there will be four variations to choose from: cordless D-handle, corded D-handle, cordless barrel grip, and cordless barrel grip. All of these features integrate with other Festool system components, like our HEPA dust extractors and guide rail system used with our track saw and routers, breaking the barriers of what you thought you could do with a jigsaw.

All four of the Carvex 420 models come standard with a brushless motor. This is first jigsaw in the world to have a brushless motor. With brushless motors, we have longer run times, a longer service life, it will be a stronger machine and lighter weight.

The LEDs in the Carvex are four independent high-intensity LEDs that synchronize with the blade. As the blade is moving up and down, the LEDs are turning on and off at the same rate, and essentially the blade looks like it's not even moving. So, now you can better see your blade in reference to your cut line and get that precise cut every time.

The Carvex jigsaw can be adapted to virtually any material or application. The standard base is great for use with a lot of different surfaces, and it's supplied with the jigsaw. The hard fiber base insert is a phenolic resin base that glides well on any wood or wood-like materials. The steel base insert is great for working with metallic surfaces, protecting the base while giving you the perfect mating surface. The dimple base insert works well with rough, uneven surfaces and reduces friction due to the low surface area. The StickFix base insert uses a hook and loop system along with felt pads to protect delicate surfaces from scratching.

But the best value is the Carvex Acccessory Kit (497709) because you get all of the base inserts mentioned above plus the angle base, the circle cutter, the guide rail adapter, a pack of replacement felts, and splinterguards all in a T-LOC Systainer®. You know you're going to have what you need, when you need it.

We took no shortcuts on the cordless versions of the Carvex jigsaw. We wanted to make sure they had the same functionality, same components and could do the same work as a corded version but in a cordless format. You can do a lot of the same work with a lot longer run time than a jigsaw without a brushless motor and take the jigsaw to places where it's just not convenient to take a power cord.

When you look at all of the features and all of the things the Carvex jigsaws promise: precision with the triple blade guidance, tear-free cuts with the splinterguard, perfect visibility of the cut line, versatility with all of the different bases and base inserts, a corded or cordless version, and durability. It's packed with a dozen new patents. You've got thirty days to try it out risk-free to see if it lives up to all of these promises and to your demanding expectations.

Smallerizing it: a philosophy of quality artisanship.

By Ben Riddering

Ben Riddering is a custom furniture designer and builder using mostly reclaimed materials. In this video, Ben describes how his passion and ideals for fine woodworking parallels those of Festool for power tools made to a higher standard.

At first, Ben was concerned that the price of Festool was high, but quickly realized after using his first Festool, the TS Track Saw, that the quality and versatility offered by Festool was uncompromising. He found that what Festool does with power tools is much like what he does as a producer of furniture. He builds furniture that's unique and made with high quality; choosing to work for those clients that prefer quality, rather than something that's mass produced.

With Festool, Ben is able to do things in his small shop without the use of large stationary equipment. He learned that a single Festool can replace multiple conventional power tools, allowing him to take the tool to the work rather than the materials to the tool. To quote Ben, he said, "If you show me a tool that performs well, saves time and takes up less space, now you've got my attention".

Torture testing the Festool Carvex jigsaw.

Warning! Do not try these tests yourself, they were performed in controlled laboratory conditions. Always consult your Festool instruction manual for proper safety precautions.

With all of the sophisticated technology packed into Festool jigsaws, let's not forget a key criteria for any power tool --- durability! Festool power tools are built to withstand your toughest demands. Don't get the impression that our tools are too delicate for the jobsite. Festool torture tests all of its power tools with some extreme conditions, many that you would never imagine doing to your own tool.

Sure, many power tool manufacturer's may do a standard drop test where the tool is dropped from a distance onto a hard surface. We do that too. But, we also run the jigsaws through countertop materials for 120 hours, cut holes out of material the size of your little finger, make jizjag cuts to stress the blade, cut material too thick for the blade to pass completely through and blast it with abrasive sand while it's running. You can see examples of all of these tests in the video above.

As you can see, Festool power tools aren't fragile. We realize that you rely on your power tools and can't afford to have a tool fail during a job. Purchase with the confidence of knowing that Festool has already done more extreme things to its power tools than you will ever do.

What's the easiest way to kill a power tool? The answer... Push it beyond its capabilities resulting in a catastrophic failure. Festool jigsaws have integrated thermal and overload protection to prevent this from happening. Our jigsaws are smart enough to prevent themselves from being damaged. The motor and other components of the jigsaw are susceptible to failure if pushed beyond their limits. But, Festool's MMC electronics technology kicks in before those limits are exceeded to prevent damaging effects. The tool will simply shut off temporarily until it returns to temperatures and operating parameters.